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EXCITING NEWS: Suffering & Delight Institute forms to help people with chronic pain!

A new non-profit organization, the Suffering & Delight Institute, has been formed to help people with chronic pain by developing people to teach S&D groups far and wide and being a resource for people with chronic pain who cannot access groups or other supports. People who live with crushing pain and unrelenting stress benefit greatly from ongoing practice that helps us access our own strengths and knowledge when pain is severe. This is what S&D provides and the Institute supports.


Due to the efforts of the Institutes volunteer Fund Development Coordinator and Board of Directors member, Megan Saunders, Ph.D., a fund raising event is being held for the Suffering & Delight Institute. Five bands of renown, great food, great people, and a raffle are all converging at Don Quixotes International Music Hall in Felton, CA. You can click here to see the event flyer.

You can support the Bluegrass Festival of Delight in several ways.

        Come out and enjoy the fun on September 30, 3 10 pm!

        Donate an item for the raffle (contact

        Make a donation through this website using Paypal

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        Dance at homeany way you canevery day is a good day!

Thank you Don Quixotes, Megan, and all the great bands who are being so generous to us. We appreciate your confidence in the Institutes mission and your heart for people who live every day with pain. We are so grateful to all of you!

Help us make this event a great success for the Institute so that we can expand access to these great practices that are so helpful and meaningful to people living with all kinds of chronic pain.