Private Pain Consultation

Beata Chapman is available for private pain consultations by telephone, skype, or in person throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Typical topics in consultations include personal instruction and/or support needed by the client as well as access to the curriculum of Suffering & Delight groups for people in pain.

Consultations often include such subjects as:
• Meditations on delight
• The importance of ecstasy in a life of pain
• Comfort: Objects and experiences
• The effect of creative expression on pain
• Living a satisfying life in the midst of misery
• Fear and terror
• Grief
• Exhaustion and rest
• Self-empowerment in dealing with the medical community
• The issue of control
• Formal meditation practice: Instruction in traditional meditation practices and the development of stability
• Mindful living: Specific focusing skills (eating, working, moving, interaction with others, walking meditations)
• Cultivating nurturing relationships
• Making choices that increase energy and relieve fatigue
• Highly personalized exercises to relieve pain
• Refining one's consciousness to appreciate pleasure
• Dealing with the anger pain provokes
• Living from the body's point of view
• Dealing with other people's suffering

Fee, sliding scale: $125 - 70/hour; $65 - 35/one-half hour

Please email for an appointment.