My purpose in establishing this website is to encourage and inspire people living with chronic pain or crushing stress to learn the skills necessary for dealing with these often catastrophic situations. Even if you are taking medication, seeing a physician regularly or already have established a formal meditation practice, I believe it is in your daily life and everyday activities that you will find the antidote to your distress. Therapy and formal meditation may provide relief for a couple hours a week. But when our misery has become so pervasive that it is actually mundane, a condition of our life, then we must explore our hours and days with an eye to their healing and comforting possibilities.

Beata ChapmanBeata Chapman, Zen priest and long-time student of Darlene Cohen, has practiced meditation in the Soto Zen tradition for 20 years. Because she herself suffers from debilitating spinal nerve pain, Beata studied and apprenticed extensively with Darlene on practicing and living with chronic pain. Using these teachings on a daily basis, she carries on Darlene's unique teachings of Suffering & Delight through groups and private pain consultations.

Beata works as a compliance and quality improvement consultant, helping long-term care facilities improve performance and therefore the lives of those they serve. She also works with older adults and persons with disabilities and their families, guiding and helping them access resources.  Private pain consultations are available on the telephone, skype, or in person throughout the greater San Francisco Bay area. You can reach Beata at relief@sufferinganddelight.net.

Member Comments about S&D:

“I like the site but I don't Tweet so my answer to finding pleasure outside and within my suffering by absorbing something beautiful and inspiring and folding it close to me and my pain is a constant practice. It is an open heart, open mind meditation that carries me through the day. When there is nothing to do maybe it is time to do nothing....this is a suggestion that I can take to heart. Thank you. My pain and grief find me at odds with my usual plan of constant activity. So I'll stop.”

-JR, Suffering and Delight group member.


“I think the new site is beautiful. I also want to tell you that I'm so glad you are the one that took over the leadership of the [Suffering & Delight] group! I feel a connection with you that is mysteriously "Darlene-like" -- or maybe not so mysteriously. :). Plus you have a "Beata- like" way of explaining things that is delightful. So, welcome.”

–CW, Suffering & Delight group member